SUMIF and SUMIFS Video Tutorial

SUMIF, and its newer brother SUMIFS, allow us to add up values that match with our criteria. This ‘conditional summing’ is essential for creating reports and summaries, and ultimately being able to chart those insights. Along with these two, you can also find COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIF, and AVERAGEIFS. I use SUMIFS for reports, but I also often use it when I need a multiple-criteria lookup. Check out the exercises in this tutorial to work along with me.

To download the spreadsheet we are working on, click here.

Techniques used in this video include:

  • Using SUMIF to judge the values in a range
  • Using SUMIFS to build a summary report
  • Using the Treemap chart to visualize the data
  • Using SUMIFS as a multiple-criteria lookup

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