INDEX and MATCH Fundamentals – Nesting Functions to Create Dynamic Lookups

Once you master VLOOKUP, it won’t be long before you realize that it has limitations. If you can manage your spreadsheet day-to-day, you can set everything up so you won’t run into any problems. However, it can be very helpful to use a more powerful, flexible function(s) for the same job – INDEX and MATCH. Nesting these two functions together does everything VLOOKUP does, and more.

If you want to follow along with our exercises, click here to download the spreadsheet.

Techniques used in this video include:

  • MATCH function by itself
  • MATCH function nested into VLOOKUP to make it dynamic
  • INDEX function with a drop-down to find a ranked item
  • INDEX and MATCH nested
  • Dynamic Charting with INDEX and MATCH

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