Excel VBA Macro for AutoFitting All Rows and Columns [VIDEO]

There are certain things I find myself doing constantly as I build my spreadsheets, and more and more every day, I’m taking those opportunities to create macros to automate these operations. Today’s video is about autofitting rows and columns. It’s not difficult to AutoFit information in a spreadsheet, but if you’re always adding new rows and columns, new types of data… it becomes repetitive. With the macros explained in this video, a single keyboard shortcut can either AutoFit all the rows and columns in the selected area, on the selected sheet, or within the active workbook. It’s so refreshing to cut down that kind of tedious work!

Techniques used in this video include:

  • Excel macro security settings
  • The Developer Tab
  • Visual Basic for Applications

Download the spreadsheet with three different macros here.

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