Creating Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts – a Video Tutorial

If you’re managing big sets of information in Excel, and you’re NOT using Pivot Tables, you need to start today. They’re incredibly easy and flexible to use, and they can generate insights you didn’t even know existed from your business’s data (or your life’s data). Not only that, but with Pivot Charts, you can visualize the information in an instant. In this video tutorial, Neil Malek from Knack Training demonstrates how to create a new Pivot Table from scratch, how to format it and recalculate the information, then how to visualize the data with a Pivot Chart.

Download the tutorial spreadsheet here.

Techniques used in this video include:

  • Creating Pivot Tables
  • Creating Pivot Charts
  • Sorting the Data
  • Formatting a Pivot Chart
  • Formatting Data in a Pivot Table

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