Animating a Bubble Chart over Time with Morph [VIDEO]

Hans Rosling made a big splash at the TED conference with a presentation that used animated bubbles sliding across a chart, showing you how the world was changing. Inspired by this, I decided to try out some experiments with a bubble chart in PowerPoint. It turns out you can’t animate actual charts in the same way, but using Paste Special, you can recreate the effect (and it’s coooooool).

Techniques in this video:

  • Bubble Charts in PowerPoint and Excel
  • Paste Special: Enhanced Metafile
  • Ungrouping
  • Morph Transition
  • Selection Pane
  • Download the slide deck here to see how it was done.

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  1. Hi, would you please put the correct slides in place, currently a different set of slides in place. Thank you

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